Work Smarter, Not Harder!

As an account manager for Actionable Insights, my goal is to exceed our client’s expectations – Everyday & Always. Wouldn’t your company like to increase sales by working smarter, not harder!? It’s all about doing being efficient.

Take That First Step

Digital marketing is the first step in working smarter. The next step is using the talents of the team at Actionable Insights. We at AI work daily to be ahead of the curve. We are always looking for “what’s next”. It used to be utilizing SEO, click through rates and impressions would provide a barometer. Now, a click or an impression is just something that is difficult to quantify. It leaves you wondering why you decided to go with this method of marketing in the first place.

Smart Marketers

Our approach, when working with clients, is to learn their goals and objectives. We gain an understanding of what was unsuccessful in the past and develop a plan to generate success in the future. While consulting with our clients, we work to develop a team like relationship. You provide the goal, we provide the creative and the end result is magic. More often than not, our clients are excited by the new look our design team creates. The launch becomes an event.


Back to being smart marketers. Once we have launched, we A/B test every piece of creative. We understand the analytics. Each piece moving forward becomes hyper-focused to create an incredible user experience. The analytics prove the results. Team with Actionable Insights to launch your 2017 marketing plan.