Now Isn’t the Time to Waste Marketing Dollars

As things begin to reopen, they will do so slowly. Knowing the difference between those who are ready and willing to wander out into the world (and doing so) and those likely to stay home for a bit longer will directly drive the ROI on your marketing spend. Targeting actual buyers vs simply trying to get people to remember your name will also have a direct impact on the revenue you drive. I constantly make fun of antiquated branding strategies, and now is NOT the time to challenge my theory.

Branding will fail you right now. It always does but now you will be acutely aware of just how badly.

With difficult business dynamics like we are facing now also comes great opportunity. The question is this: will you leverage smarter approaches that target your buyers on a very granular level? Or are you going to pull out the ol’ shotgun approach, hit hard, and hope? Our clients have chosen the first option, and they are already winning.

We have clients who saw growth during the COVID-19 shutdown compared to March and April of 2019. Read that again. Opportunity abounds, but not if you’re using strategies that that leave out the most important dynamic in sales and marketing: who to target. Search tools will fail you as many consumers sit at home and look up products they have no intention of buying; at least not now. They’re bored. They’re sitting at home on their phones and tablets with little to do. But our tools can tell you who is actually looking to buy and target them with real accuracy. 

So understand this: every dollar you spend right now should have a serious expectation of return. Otherwise, rebounding from this period will be slow and painful. It is that simple. Give us a call and find out how AI drives actual revenue instead of clicks. A conversation costs you nothing, but not talking to us could cost you a ton of money.