‘Yes, but how do you DO it?’

We do it through analytics.

‘There you go again. Please speak English!’

Pardon our lingo. We’re so immersed in what we do and what we know that it’s inconceivable to us that not everyone speaks Techie. We know your expertise is directed toward making your business successful, and though you know you need to use technology to keep abreast of the times you don’t necessarily want to have to speak the language.

Well, first off, congratulations on realizing that you need today’s technology to be in business tomorrow. And you’re right, you don’t have to speak our language. Actually, digital marketing is understandable in any language.

So let us begin: Analytics is the field of data analysis. It means we study past data in order to determine potential trends, analyze the effects of some of our decisions, or evaluate the performance of a tool we’ve put into place to serve you. The goal of analytics is to improve your client’s business by acquiring knowledge – about potential customers, their wants and behaviors — that we can use to improve the results of your sales efforts.

We also use lead tracking and scoring, which is just what it sounds like: We track everyone who makes contact with your web site, auction site, or social media posting. Most people will make tentative searches before they decide to buy; we’ll follow them through the decision-making process, so that they’ll see your message wherever they go on the web. And we can see just how interested they are, based on their response to that message.

The best responses to our message are entered into a “drip campaign” related to their area of interest, so that we can observe the response rate for each message we distribute. When interest in the message flags, we change the message.

In our B2B campaigns, we identify and target the right audience for your product or service, and make direct contact with decision makers to offer details about your company and contacts. In our B2C campaigns, we build a database of potential customers from past buyers of certain products or services. We narrow the list down to those who buy these products and services with any frequency, thus giving our client to address their message to people who are most receptive to it.

It’s all about giving up the shotgun approach in favor of a laser-beam message. We can’t say it any simpler than that.