Traditional Marketers Aren’t Wired for Digital

Traditional marketing is like standing on a street corner with a megaphone. If you shout your message loud enough and for long enough, you’ll eventually attract potential customers. Never mind the fact that your message is also falling on the deaf ears of people who may never be interested in your business.

Think about the traditional marketing approach: using intuition and gut feeling a team of marketers spend weeks or months cultivating what they think is the perfect strategy for your business. The marketing collateral then sits out there in the ether with the hope of gaining traction. It’s not measurable and your success is not quantifiable. Even if it was, you’ve likely already spent tens of thousands on new marketing collateral that you’re not about to refresh every few weeks.

If traditional marketing is a sloth, digital marketing is a cheetah.

Digital marketing is a completely different animal and that’s why traditional marketers don’t get it. If traditional marketing is a sloth, digital marketing is a cheetah. In digital we don’t waste our time brainstorming and relying on our personal feelings on a subject to create strategies, we let the market determine what the strategy should be through action and analytics. True digital marketers work quickly, run campaigns, analyze reports, make changes, test messaging and use real-time data to achieve quantifiable success. We model for data and specifically target the right people who have a high-likelihood of becoming a customer.

Don’t entrust traditional marketers with your digital strategy. If you do you’ll get a traditional marketers approach to digital, which isn’t really digital at all, because traditional marketers just aren’t wired for digital.

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