Why are they bothering to read your ads?

Do you have any idea about what’s attracting visitors to your web site, or why they read your print ads or the direct mail you send them? Do you really think it’s the wittiness of your headline? Give me a break.

Too many of us are still stuck on the “glamour” of advertising copy writing. Listen, it’s been half a century since “Only her Hairdresser knows for Sure” and “When Better Cars are Built, Buick will Build Them” captured the buying public’s imagination. Today, it’s all about one rule, and that is to answer one question: What’s in it for me?

If you’re smart – and we are very smart here – you’ll answer that question up front, without wasting words and with facts and figures to back you up.

Right now, we can tell you what’s in it for you by letting us step into your marketing program: more revenue, that’s what. Actionable Insights are who we are, and what we’re all about. We use tomorrow’s technology to gain insight to your market, to fashion a message for that market, and to act upon the results of the message. There’s no better way to Get the Most Bang for your Buck. (Hey, wait, that’s a good headline, right?)

Bring us your challenge. Let us analyze your situation and gain insight into your goals. We’ll craft an action plan, and together we’ll study the results.

Really, we are so much more than a clever headline!