We don’t want to labor the word, but…

We’ve told you how we do it: We use analytics. But here’s something else you should know: most people who say they “use analytics” are really just looking at reports. And it’s not the same, so don’t confuse it.

Looking at reports is one thing. Finding insights and taking action is quite another.

For example, you look at a report of your business. You see a line going up, and it makes you happy. If the line goes down, you’re not so happy. Seems simple.

But it’s not. The report is just the beginning. To analyze it, we need to ask questions of the data, and find answers; from the answers, we need to form hypotheses, and then test those hypotheses through testing and measuring.

And finally, we need to understand the meaning behind the results we come up. Then, and only then, can we take action based on that understanding.

That, my friends, is analytics. Forgive our cockiness if we assure you that nobody does
it better than we do.