Traditional Marketing is Missing the Moms

Let’s set the stage.

I’m 35 and I have a 3 year old who is rambunctious and doesn’t pay attention to anything for more than a minute and a half. She takes after me.

According to Forbes, U.S. adults will average 73 minutes per day getting their entertainment fix online and a little over four hours a day watching traditional television. Our family does not subscribe to cable or satellite services because of ubiquitous high pricing.

What about moms? Let’s be frank, traditional ad space is missing the moms — especially zennial and millennial moms. I’m not looking at your TV spot. I’m watching YouTube, Hulu or Netflix kids. I’m not looking at your billboards when I’m at a stoplight — I’m busy completing my order on Amazon on my phone. You need to start with data, know who you’re talking to and let it fly to a specific demographic. I’ve been a student of marketing for over a decade now. The old tactics aren’t going to work on me or my Mama friends.

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