Is your CEO Unimpressed by your Marketing Results? AI can help!

When the CEOs are hiring or replacing a marketing executive, they can become frustrated that certain things aren’t getting done, like lead generation, analytics, and reporting. Measuring and accountability ultimately falls on the CEOs shoulders. Revenue is the word that wins the day.

Usually, when a new marketing director comes in, they want to start building a new marketing strategy or drastically change the one currently in place. They want to launch a re-branding campaign, or purchase technology to automate the marketing process. How do we justify these costs to our CEO? By presenting what they are craving: lead generation, analytics, and reporting. CEOs and boards love AI because we create and discuss your perfect audience and ROI in hard numbers.

We learn from the analytics, and know what products and services people care about the most, and what they are looking at the longest. This allows us to deliver targeted messaging through the communication channel the prospect is most likely to interact with, and focus on the specific products and services they care about. All of which drives higher opt-in, click through and conversion rates.

Marketing Directors can neglect tactical execution. That’s the perfect reason to hire Actionable Insights.  We help you demonstrate that your marketing campaigns are resulting in increased sales and profitability. Let us assist you in building credibility and give the CEO what they’ve been craving, quantifiable results.