How do you know we’re worth what you’re paying us?

You’re paying for the research that determines the Actionable Insights marketing plan that will be prepared for you. We’re happy to take your money, but we’re not without conscience – we know we owe you something in return. We need to make that research pay off for you.

We’ll make our research prove itself in order to justify its existence. We’ll make it give us the insight that leads to return on your investment. And we’ll do it by organizing the data collection process into two categories, “delivery” and “results” – maybe better known as “cause” and “effect.”

All the data we collect can be grouped into these two categories, and from there we can frame a successful business strategy. We analyze the date to determine which is which:

Delivery  (or cause)  refers to the things that impact the success of our product, such as packaging, marketing, price, staffing, and the like.

Results (or effect) show us that things you’re trying to impact or change, such as sales, coupon redemption, call volume, customer loyalty, increased revenue, and the like.

When the research data is organized into these two categories, we’ll find that we have laid the foundation for converting data into actionable insights. For instance, we’ll find that you can make changes in the delivery/cause that will change the result/effect.

For example, if you increase the price of your product, you may see a decrease (or increase! – it’s a psychological thing) in revenue and sales.  If you change your packaging from dark green and black to red, white, and blue, you may see a spike in sales. Your marketing slogan may be missing the mark, or just need a tweak to reach more receptive ears. The data will tell us that.  

So part of our job is to know where to influence your approach to Delivery/cause. That should be the focal point for our research.  And as we test our insights, we should be able to make a direct correlation between the changes we made, and the results at the end of the day.

That’s how we – and  you – will know if our research is worth what you’re paying for.

And you know we wouldn’t share this secret with you if we weren’t totally, smugly confident that it’s worth every dime and dollar …