Data Matters and Shotgun Marketing Doesn’t

The book Markets of One: Creating unique value through mass customization was way ahead of its time. While it lays out a strategy in which data is leveraged to build customer experiences based on individual Nth selects and/or behavior, it was published in 2000—well before the mobile revolution. Think about the implications this strategy has for mobile user experience!

It’s phenomenal. In 2000, the authors of this book developed a strategy that would have serious implications for a completely new user paradigm that was still years away. The successful deployment of this strategy has made shotgun marketing irrelevant, has diminished the ROI of TV, and has made the “agency of record” thinking a thing of the past. There is no agency of record anymore. There are firms that drive provable results and firms that don’t.

Our firm has a simple mantra: Design. Deploy. Analyze.

Our analytics show the output only customized user experience is capable of producing. The market of one. TV, billboards, radio, and newspapers simply can’t compete with delivering a user experience customized to speak to individuals. The days of crafting a message the entire market will find palatable are long gone.