Culture Matters

Culture. The latest word that is becoming increasingly important in the workplace. Your company culture says a lot about not only your company, but the employees that work there, and the type of service that you will provide to clients. Culture is the best way to enable long-term success, and every company culture is different because well, every company is different. So, why is Actionable Insights company culture so great? Let me tell you…

Mimosa Monday

Actionable Insights is a company that allows you to be creative. We enjoy time with our co-workers. As with any growing company, we discuss our goals and aspirations regularly. What makes us different is the ability to allow each of our individual personalities to permeate those conversations. Our quirks are what make us that fun, edgy company. Where else can you be excited to go to a meeting at 8:30 Monday morning? Envision “Mimosa Mondays”. At AI we work hard on behalf of our clients but we also love to have fun. We understand that being unique is paramount in our success- we have different strengths and we CAPITALIZE on them.

Mimosa Mondays

Team Building

Filling a position just to fill it is what mediocre companies do. Our team is built for quality. We understand the niche that each person must fill and we empower them. We inspire each other. We push the limits and grind in a way different from other companies. I utilize team building activities such as listening to motivational YouTube video’s like “Be Hungry (Fight for It)“, and “Everyone Dies, But Not Everyone Lives” videos to excite each other about why we do what we do. Inspiring each other to go beyond the daily grind makes us different from all the other companies out there.

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Employee Appreciation

It’s important to know we work for someone who appreciates us. Every employee at AI has a voice. That voice is equal to every other in “our world”. We appreciate positive discontent. Our CEO, Jason Wood, uses a phrase quite often, “Let’s not let great get in the way of good”. What does that mean to AI? We will always strive to be great. We will always go above and beyond for our clients. If our company waits for “great” every time, you, our client, may miss an opportunity with your potential client.


We might not always be perfect- but we are friendly people who are motivated and dedicated to be the best we can be inside and outside of Actionable Insights.