Execution & Deployment


In the digital landscape, there already exists a distinct split between traditional digital and new digital. We leverage both. The traditional digital has become a set of “me too” tools most agencies use because they are simple to execute and don’t require a firm to stay up on cutting edge technology. Some are still effective (depending on the market) some are not. We still use many of these tools in conjunction with smarter, more advanced tools. Traditional digital (that we still use) shakes out like this:

  • Google AdWords and AdSense programs
    • (we are a Google certified partner)
  • Retargeting
  • Social Media dark posting
    • (targeted posts aimed at specific audiences)
  • Email Marketing
  • Website design
  • Automated marketing including drip campaigns
  • Data acquisition
    • (Buying lists that include email addresses)
  • Branding
  • Logo/Marketing collateral/market position creation
  • SEO

The cutting-edge digital offers far greater granularity in targeting and hones in on prospective customers in a more detailed manner allowing us to target, among other groups, those actually in the buying cycle. You will not see these tools in traditional ad agencies and even most digital agencies have yet to catch up to these strategies.

  • Rooftop targeting
  • Device ID extraction
  • Behavior/location based direct mail
  • Search based device ID marketing
  • Thru The Funnel b2b lead generation
  • Data modeling/Propensity modeling

Technology is a wonderful thing but can be overly complex. To get a breakdown of how these tools work and whether they are right for your business click below. You’re going to want to see these dominant tools!


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