Device ID Extraction

Smarter, more relevant marketing starts here.

We all know marketing has evolved from traditional to digital. What you don’t realize
is that there’s old school digital and NEW Digital.

New Digital creates an advantage for small companies with the ability and willingness to utilize or repurpose new technology.

"Old School" Digital Marketing

  • Companies like Google and Dex Media are using huge algorithms that don’t adapt quickly to the ever-changing market. This causes mass exoduses by the consumer.
  • Google relies on the consumer to take the first step by typing a specific search, so they are only seeing a small slice of at large companies – basically becoming like a phone
  • You are still marketing to the masses which is wastingmoney and impressions.

NEW Digital Marketing

  • New technology provides better ways to engage consumers
  • With Device ID Extraction, we are able to pull data and
    useful information about the owner allowing us to find the RIGHT people
  • You wouldn’t want to market a Mercedes S-Class to a 22 year old who just graduated from college. Nor should you market a Honda Civic to a higher income. It just doesn’t make sense.
  • With Device ID Extraction, we become more relevant.


Let’s say we’re trying to sell All State Insurance. We can pinpoint all households who meet the exact criteria to be in this market.

We can target people based on criteria like:

  • Income level
  • Family size
  • Age
  • Marital Status
  • Etc.


Google is like a big sword that sweeps over the masses and can’t produce a result without the consumer taking action first.

Our technology is nimble.
We can weave through the masses and find the people you should be talking to so that WE can make the first move and strike while the iron is hot.

We don’t deliver buying opportunities that don’t match the audience.

With technology so smart and accurate, we can provide an opportunity for clients to DOMINATE their markets.

By paving the way all the consumer has to do is SHOW UP.


We've got that covered too.

We can pull B2B data based on industry and job function allowing you to target companies who we KNOW are in the market for YOUR products and/or services.


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