Unlike geo fencing, we can pull device IDs to target the user anytime, for as long as we would like.

We can pull demographics information about your competitors audience and yours to help determine what messaging and creative should be used for the campaigns.

Your spend is hyper-focused. This is not a shot gun approach were we waste impressions and marketing dollars. We can specifically target your competitor's customers.

Now let's talk about tracking... we can prove the results with our Foot Traffic Attribution Reporting. With absolute specificity, we can show the visits we drove from your competitors to your lot.

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Why did we tell you to contact us before your competitor does?

This is a very data intensive marketing strategy, so we can only do it for one dealer per market. Our main focus is client advocacy, we aren't going to compete with ourselves.

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This is not the type of marketing that takes the place of your other marketing efforts. Adding this additional service will add to your showroom traffic, website visits, and form fills, etc. Get started today and watch your sales transform!