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The debate is over. Conquest Marketing outperforms all other marketing strategies by a country mile. Identifying and directly messaging the right people delivers the best results in the short, mid, and long-term. How long will you wait before you realize that traditional marketing doesn't work?


Other strategies endeavor to arrive at data and analytics, with Conquest you start with both. Every marketing dollar you spend should be directed towards people who have the desire, ability and likelihood to buy from you. Delivering an impression to anyone else is a waste of your money and a missed opportunity.

data and analytics
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In other words, the identification of those likely to buy from you on a granular level. The creation of a list containing thousands of names, addresses, email addresses, job titles and qualities identified as relevant to pinpointing buyers of your product. Depending on the product or service you sell, this list may include demographic information, cluster data, niche data, market data, transactional data and the like. This isn’t just a mailing list you can go out and buy, it’s a powerful tool that will completely change the marketing paradigm for your entire organization.


Conquest Marketing removes the reliance on instinct and shifts decision-making to a logic and information based approach. Deciding which communication channel will be most effective becomes an issue of data segmentation, where the list is grouped by variables that illuminate the best method to talk to each group of people. In other words, you leverage multiple communication channels, each for a specific part of the list, ensuring maximum penetration.

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Our approach is better, faster, smarter and exponentially more quantifiable. It garners real results and we have the data to prove it.