Find the target. Aim for the bullseye.


Revolutionize your direct mail marketing game.

We realize you probably have a 20 yr long relationship with the people who currently do your direct mail. What you probably don't know is that they are still using 20 year old technology.

The beauty of Bullseye is that you know we are hitting the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time. With our new technology, we are able to target not only likely buyers, but people who are buying right now.

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Let's break it down.

What direct mail currently does:

  • Saturation - Most direct mail companies hit zip codes or other geocentric identifiers to develop lists. The problem is, geography is rarely the primary driver of conversions.
  • Website Visitors - The fact is, much of your website traffic comes from existing customers, so wasting money to send direct mail to people who are already doing business with you doesn't make a lot of sense.
  • Opt-Ins - Sending an initial piece to those asking you to is a good idea. Continually sending direct mail to that audience drives a much lower return.

What Bullseye does:

  • Sends direct mail to those physically visiting your competition right now.
  • Sends direct mail to those actively searching on the internet for your or your competitors' products.

Gimme the short version.

In summary, we send direct mail to people who are exhibiting behavior that tells us they are in the buying cycle. Traditional direct mail sends to people purely based on their location.

Let's get the ball rolling.


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