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We are an analytic and data-driven digital marketing firm specializing in identifying, targeting and converting your target audience.  Our perfect mix of tech wizards, data geeks and marketing gurus makes up one of the largest Digital Marketing firms in the state of Ohio.

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Jason Wood
President & CEO

Jason A. Wood is the president and CEO of Actionable Insights, LLC, an Ohio-based digital marketing company started in 2011. Jason was a very competitive athlete, landing himself a full-ride scholarship to college. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a BS degree in Marketing. Jason’s uncanny and lightning-fast ability to assess a situation and draw conclusions based upon client’s needs and desires is first rate. His understanding of digital marketing with respect to modeled data and the importance of analytics for bottom line results makes his company one in a million. He is an avid golfer and family man who enjoys his children and grandchildren. Business is important and vital to Jason and his knowledge and expertise are well beyond his years. As a Kansas City native he is an avid Royals and Chiefs fan.

Bill Anderson, COO

Bill Anderson
Chief Operations Officer

Bill is the Chief Operations Officer at AI. He and Jason have been friends and colleagues for almost a decade, facilitating their close working relationship. Bill’s background and experience extends from corporate management in the Fortune 100 arena to management consulting and business development. He earned a Masters in Management as a “non-traditional” student and has a deep interest in and understanding of organizational development and how people work. He thoroughly enjoys working with our mixture of seasoned adult staff and young millennial employees. Off the clock, Bill likes to kick back with a glass of good bourbon in one hand and a cigar in the other. You may recognize Bill from his small role in the 90's blockbuster hit, Independence Day.

Mike Vega
Chief Technology Officer

Mike brings enormous capabilities to the company in global marketing, management, scientific and technological proficiencies. In 2 years with AI, Mike has developed and coded for every client that has passed through our digital marketing system, and is a key figure in the success of every marketing campaign. His incalculable experience working for IBM, supervising over 100 coders, makes him the perfect fit for our client’s needs. Mike graduated from the University of Cincinnati in Computer Technologies in 1998, and his supreme focus and task orientation is just what is needed to make digital marketing with modeled data and analytics so valuable. Mike resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife and daughter, but our daily communications with him make it seem like he is at the next desk.

Mike Vega - Chief Technology Officer at Actionable Insights

Marci Radcliffe
Director of Business Development

Marci is an awarding winning leader with an ATHENA Leadership Award and an Empowering Women in Business Award among others. She came to us with 13 years of financial experience under her belt at F.N.B. Corporation. After AI acquired her digital marketing firm Radcliffe & Co. she came to work for us! She enjoys spending time with her daughter Poppy, public speaking and supporting her community by volunteering.

David Evans
Business Development

David brings a wide ranging creative approach to digital marketing given his eclectic background. David has served many businesses with his digital expertise. He is always trying to find the smarter way to do it. As a graduate of Youngstown State University, The University of Akron, and Certified Google Partner, he has a vast knowledge of digital marketing. David is also a dedicated musician and trumpet player who enjoys cooking and model railroading. He resides in Boardman, Ohio with his wife, Jackie and their four children. You may also know David by his pen name, world renowned children's
literature author, Chris Van Allsburg.

David Evans - Business Development at Actionable Insights
Brittany Crawford, Account Manager

Brittany Crawford
Account Manager

Brittany comes to AI with a wide range of experience in team leadership, from restaurant management to delegating tasks within a corporate quality-assurance department. She studied Chemical Engineering at The Ohio State University, where she was a member of the Cultural Diversity Committee. Brittany feels that her experience there was invaluable, since the lessons she learned translate well to managing a diverse, multi-generational staff like AI’s. Brittany is enjoying conquering the challenges of keeping everyone on task in a fast-paced, constantly growing company like AI. She loves seeing results, and she uses her skills from her competitive cheerleading days to “cheer on” her team. Off duty, Brittany likes camping, fishing, refurbishing old furniture, and hanging with her Yorkie, Hagen. Brittany is an avid artist, specializing in framed velvet paintings of celebrities from the 1960’s. You might recognize her work in your grandmother’s finished-basement. If you need to draw her attention, flash some bling at her (it’s her weakness).

Shannon Huckelberry
Digital Strategist

Shannon comes to Actionable Insights with a degree in English from The Ohio State University. She brings her skills in writing and research to our Digital Strategy team, where she writes copy for our marketing campaigns, sets them up, and runs them. Solving the puzzle of how people think is a favorite pastime of hers--a hobby that she has applied to her goal of learning and living the marketing trade. She enjoys the challenges of working in a fast-paced company that is continually showing growth. Away from her desk, Shannon can usually be found reading, picking up a new language, catching the latest superhero flick, or bemoaning the fact that the English language makes no sense (even though she loves it). She is an unapologetic dog stalker who has spent years trying and failing to keep her two standard poodles from taking over her bed. Shannon is also a two-time Race Walking Olympic medalist. In her spare time, she operates a full-service cat walking business, Pawesome.

Shannon Huckelberry, Digital Strategist

Lucas Wilkinson
Data Specialist

Lucas comes to AI with an associate degree in Computer Science and Technology. He is also a current student at Penn State where he is working to finish a BS in Security Risk Analysis and expects to graduate in the fall of 2018. Lucas comes to us from a small town in central Pennsylvania called Osceola Mills. He spends most of his free doing outdoor activities like hiking and fly fishing. From 2006-2008 and again in 2010, Lucas was the world champion of competitive Lego building. His favorite Lego models are the 1/13th scale Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars movies and the replica of the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright house, Fallingwater. His favorite teams are Penn State, Pittsburgh & the Tune Squad.

Mary Steele
Creative Director

Mary is the head of the Graphics & Design Department at Actionable Insights. She has more creativity in her little finger than most companies have in their entire design team. Her amazing abilities come from her immeasurable experience and her education at Liberty University in Virginia. Mary has been with AI since 2014 adding crucial designs, interpreted from the client’s needs and desires, through a critically correct and expressive eye. Mary loves to travel and learn different languages. She feels that a person will be more disappointed by the things they didn’t do than the things they did. Her guilty pleasure is binge-watching Netflix. Family is of the utmost importance to her as well as her Faith, music and art. Mary has an extensive collection of colorful and patterned left socks. She also collects right mittens.

Mary Steele - Creative Director at Actionable Insights
Ashley Bateman

Ashley Bateman
Chief Digital Strategist

Ashley comes to AI with a wide range of marketing and design experience, from automotive software to eye care. She studied Public Relations and Media Arts at Westminster College, where she played soccer, as well as Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Ashley’s unique marketing perspective and design experience is a great asset to the Digital Strategy team. In her off hours, Ashley enjoys spending time with family, trying new recipes and anything athletic. She is a Zombie Mud Run Survivor and is always looking for the next race to try.

Amanda Bateman
Graphic Design

Amanda's talent for design is a huge asset to Actionable Insights' creative team. Amanda comes to AI as a graduate of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a BFA in Applied Media Arts. With years of experience in print she has quickly adapted to the digital world. Amanda loves learning new ways to use her design skills. Her personal design mantra is "Learn the rules, then break them with style." When she's not whipping up vivid and dynamic graphics for email, social and web, Amanda enjoys playing video games, making bespoke goods and spending time with her friends, family and her cat, Momo.