You have different challenges, goals and objectives than other businesses, which is why we endeavor to gain an understanding of each before we put forward a strategic and analytical solution designed to address them. Cookie cutter strategies aren’t good enough, real digital strategy must take into account the specific details surrounding your market.


Analytics provide both marketer and client valuable insight into the return on investment for each aspect of a campaign. With this data, we can determine - with absolute specificity - the best path forward as it relates to actual, real people, their wants and needs and their buying behaviors.


We track visitors, in real-time, from the point of initial contact through the final opt-in moment, including: email opens, page visits, form completions, and more. Our smart system scores leads with points based on their behavior so we can recognize the level of engagement at a glance.


Our advanced technology allows us to seize high scoring leads and enter them into a drip campaign that is directly related to the areas in which they have shown interest. Our team observes the response rate for each Call to Action message we distribute to determine which message resonates and when we need to change in message is needed.


We identify the right decision makers for your product or service from the right industries, and can also target based on number of employees, revenue and more. Then we deliver a comprehensive list of all company details and contact information…including email addresses, that have never opted-in to a mailing list, that we are legally permitted to send to.


We identify likely buyers or past buyers of products and services, then build a vast database of people who are highly likely to be in the market for specific products or services. We can even use transactional data to build lists of people who buy certain products and services frequently. Our unique understanding of consumer habits, coupled with our approach to analyzing data allows our clients to cherry pick the whole world for people who are most likely to buy from them.

It's All About Acquiring The Right Data

AI is a data-centric company with a unique ability to deliver conquest data that is legally compliant and ultra-targeted. Conquest refers to data that is not opted into. In other words, it is data we gather based on specific requirements that make each lead a likely buyer.