Actionable Insights? What kind of name is that?

We know: you see our logo, and you instantly think “Artificial Intelligence,” right? Wrong. There’s nothing artificial about the intelligence that drives our company. From our super-confident (OK, cocky) CEO through our operations manager, computer technologist, and data and digital strategists to our business development staff and account manager, there’s enough education, experience, and genuine…

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The Death of the 30,000 Foot Message

Gone are the days of successfully running campaigns that offer a monolithic messaging strategy. I mean, can you honestly think that one message will engage both a millennial hipster and a retired baby boomer? How about a professional middle-aged woman and a twenty-something oil and gas laborer? You’d be surprised how many products both segments,…

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Know the No

Marketers focus on duplicating successful conversions. It makes sense, after all; when and where you’re successful, you should seek to do more of whatever drove that success. It’s the low hanging fruit, and it shows clients an ability to drive sales. But even the most successful campaigns convert a relatively low percentage of those they…

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Traditional Marketing is Missing the Moms

Let’s set the stage. I’m 35 and I have a 3 year old who is rambunctious and doesn’t pay attention to anything for more than a minute and a half. She takes after me. According to Forbes, U.S. adults will average 73 minutes per day getting their entertainment fix online and a little over four…

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Data Matters and Shotgun Marketing Doesn’t

The book Markets of One: Creating unique value through mass customization was way ahead of its time. While it lays out a strategy in which data is leveraged to build customer experiences based on individual Nth selects and/or behavior, it was published in 2000—well before the mobile revolution. Think about the implications this strategy has…

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The Cold Hard Truth About Marketing

The Cold, Hard Truth About Marketing

Truth #1: People sell their skills whether it’s applicable for you or not. Most marketing firms come to the table with a defined set of skills. They always sell these skills as the best solution to your marketing challenges. A print shop will advocate for using direct mail, an ad agency will sell you traditional…

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Marketing Target

You Need A Better Audience. Period.

One of the most common mistakes we see from clients (And their ad agencies, frankly) is thinking the goal of social media is to get as many people to like their page and follow their Twitter feed. Both the client and the agency ask all their friends to ask all their friends to like a…

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Beware: Many Without Skills Use Buzzwords Instead

Anyone know the difference between targeted posts and dark posts on Facebook? How about SEO and SEM? Can anyone tell me the difference between segmented content and user experience? How about conversion rates and e-commerce put through? And please, can someone explain to me what the difference is between analytics and campaign performance metrics. Don’t…

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The Huge Digital Advantage (When it’s done right)

Traditional marketing is the act of placing an advertisement somewhere in hopes the right people come across it. In 2016 (almost 2017) that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars building what you think is a palatable brand but if the communication channel relies on…

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