2018 Spring Pool

Opening Agreement

In-Season May 14, 2018 to end of season. I/G $330.00
A/G $255.00
Basic Opening: Start equipment, reassemble ladder, dive, light, inlets, pump, filter, and heater.
Remove, fold and clean safety cover with Stow Away cover cleaner.
Remove Leaf Net $20.00

Please read and check all the following boxes.  

**Pool owner is responsible for all water & debris removal from the cover before arrival. We may be forced to reschedule your opening
if these requirements are not met as to not inconvenience other scheduled customers. An additional $65.00 fee will also be assessed.
** Pool vacuuming and/or cleaning is NOT included in pool opening services.
**In ground pools require sufficient water to start equipment, if a second trip is required, you will be charged an additional $65.00.
**Make sure yard, pool deck, and equipment areas are completely accessible and clean and clear of debris and waste.
**Additional work to repair equipment will be done at an additional cost and may require a post opening service call.

Additional Opening Services: please check all that apply
Traditional Cover with Tubes $50.00  
Automatic Cover $50.00  
Spring Start Up Kit $45.98 Per 20,000 Gallons
Glass media Above Ground $200.00 Up to 150lbs.
Glass Media In Ground $400.00 Up to 300lbs.
Spa Opening $95.00 Each
Bath House $95.00 Each
Chlorine Generator $25.00 Each
Auto Fill $25.00 Each
Fountains $25.00 Each
Hydro Jets $25.00 Each
Caretaker $35.00 Each
Leaf Trapper $35.00 Each
Destination Charge* Please call for pricing and availability.
*Applies to any pool opening outside Trumbull, Mahoning, Columbiana, Mercer and Lawrence counties.

**Sand Change pricing available by request.

A $190.00 deposit is required to schedule an opening.
Orders will be processed in the order in which they are received with a deposit and signed contract. Payment in full is required upon completion.
You will be notified once your opening has been scheduled.

Total: $0.00
Tax: $0.00
Subtotal: $0.00
Deposit: $0.00
Balance Due: $0.00
*Your credit card will be billed for deposit & balance due.
Please check Visa   MC   Disc   Amex  
Card #:
Exp. Date:

Please open my pool the week of:

Burnett Pools Service Dept service@burnettpools.com
***Ask us about our weekly pool maintenance program.
We clean the pool and balance the water so all you have
to do is enjoy it!
2498 Elm Rd Ext. Phone: 330-372-1725 Ext 1119
Cortland, Ohio 44410 Fax: 330-372-1723