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Blogging For The Sake Of Blogging?

Living in the digital world that I do, I am fortunate to read many blogs about this or that regarding digital marketing.  I’ve come to notice an alarming trend, people like the sound of their own voices or as in this case, they love the look of their words on paper.  I liken the concept to looking in a mirror to tell yourself how pretty you are.


All too often I read about SEO or mass email or retargeting and I wonder if the authors really live in the world about which they write.  Here’s why.  SEO is a nebulous process, at best.  The pitch, “give me lots of money so I can “fix” your already great website to make certain that it never falls off the first page of Google”.  What?  My perfect website needs fixed?  Or how about this one, “no one reads email”.  That’s right, no one reads email and no one drinks water either.  We all communicate every day using a variety of methods; phone, text, email, Facebook, etc…  We discount one form of communication because the internet tells us that no one reads email?  And lastly, how did my computer know I like golf?  “Everywhere I go on the internet, I see stuff about golf”.

Blogging For Yourself And Your Audience

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Start SEO Strong

So, SEO…It’s important.  It is the foundation upon which your web presence is built.  Start strong.  Check for cracks and move on.  If your website is built well, it will perform well and it will accomplish what it needs to accomplish.  All too often companies build websites because they think they need to build one.  Is the website that reflection in the mirror or does it have a purpose?  Who is using it, why are they using it, how are they using it, what benefit does it present to the client and to the business owner?

Email With Purpose

Email.  Enough said.  We all use it.  We use it all day, every day.  If the message is engaging and pertinent, it will be opened and read.  Send an email with purpose.  Don’t send one just to send one.  Make the email meaningful.

Use Retargeting

Retargeting.  I believe that Generation Z is less brand loyal than any generation preceding it.  So why use retargeting?  Decisions are made on the fly.  A pretty picture appears on a phone and a buying decision is made.  Yes, brand loyalty is off.  Immediacy and instant gratification have taken over.  Be there, be present, become the flavor of the day.


To my initial point, blogging for the sake of blogging.  Did I say anything?  Doubt it.  I like my pen.  I do know a thing or two about which I write.  My goal is to make certain that I make a point.