Every digital marketing strategy you’ve looked at requires the prospect to take the first step. Search and SEO require them to look you or your product up online. Trade rags and trade shows require them to call or attend. Billboards, TV, radio and newspaper ads all require the prospect to act first. Not Conquest. Not with AI. We harness the power of data to identify your entire market and attack! Be everywhere. Be first. Be relevant.


Conquest Data

We use data modelling to identify your ideal clients and target the prospects with the highest likelihood to buy.


We deliver real-time analytics that allow our clients to make smarter decisions with their marketing dollars based on data.


It was a real challenge to make the transition to digital marketing, especially when considering the demographic Shepherd of the Valley works with. Actionable Insights was able to provide us with reliable data that confirmed our customers were using the web to make their decisions and helped us realize our first electronic impression was critical. They have educated us about digital marketing and have put together a successful campaign. It has been a rewarding and successful relationship!

Danielle L. Procopio, MPH, CHES
Shepherd of the Valley | Corporate Director of Marketing, Sales & Communication

Danielle L. Procopio - Shepherd of the Valley | Corporate Director of Marketing, Sales & Communication


Actionable Insights has proved much more than a Digital Marketing firm. They are an integral part of our business development team and our front line in the marketplace who are able to advise us on what our prospects and customers want to see from us. With the increased pace and limited opportunity to make an impact in the digital age, Actionable Insights continues to deliver qualified leads to our organization and has played a vital role in our record growth.

Robert M. Gearhart Jr.
DC Wellness | Partner, Vice President

Robert M. Gearhart Jr. - DC Wellness | Partner, Vice President


The traditional advertising we have done for years stopped working. We hired AI in the hopes they could get our phones ringing again. They've done exactly that. In fact, we are looking at the possibility of hiring more sales people to handle all the calls. If you need your phone to ring with solid buyers, AI is the firm to hire!

Mitch Chance
Gemini Auto Lifts | Co-Owner

Gemini Auto Lifts, Mitch Chance, Owner


We needed an aggressive partner to help us establish our authors with consumers of fiction. It is a difficult task requiring multiple layers of coordination and skill sets. Actionable Insights has been up to the task at every level. From selecting the database to developing the creative, then implementing the follow up strategies to helping us learn what makes our prospects buy. They have done this at the speed of the Internet and at affordable rates for a startup like ours.

Dave Van Horn
Cleveland Writers Press | Cofounder, CMO

Dave Van Horn - Cleveland Writers Press | Cofounder, CMO


After years and years of TV and radio advertising, Actionable Insights switched us to digital. It has been the best decision we made. Our costs have gone down and our ROI has gone up! Can’t ask for better results than that.

Will Oddis
Burnett Pools and Spas | General Manager

Will Oddis - Burnett Pools and Spas | General Manager


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